Goodbye to the old and Hello to the new.

Because this is a new journey for me, I wanted my first post to be about the year 2016. Since we will be ending 2016 , my question is what do we want to bring with us from this year. As I hear a lot of people mentioned “2016  was a horrible year” or ” just throw the 2016 year away”. But what exactly are we throwing away? As for me, 2016 was a learning experience, learning about myself, friends and family. Learning that I don’t always have to be available and that okay. Learning that if you can’t accept me for me than its no need to communicate. But don’t get it twisted, I have also had my bad days just like everyone else. So come 2017, there are some things that I do want to bring with me from this year:

  1. Happiness: I’ve learned that ME being happy is the most important thing in my life right now. If I am not happy then, my son won’t be happy and it just will be bad for everyone. So you have to learn what makes you happy. Me personally, I love being by myself at times. I was raised that its nice to be by yourself, just so you can hear your own thoughts. Have a glass a wine, take a nice warm bath and relax your mind, body and spirit. Which brings me to number 2..
  2. Positive vibes: In order to be happy you have to get rid of dead weight. You  can’t go through life being or being around a negative Nancy. You are who you hang around. If your friends and family are negative sooner or later you will be negative. You have to surround yourself with people that is always going to have a smile on their face and wish you nothing but the best. And that leaves me to the last ….
  3. Motivators: Usually you hear people say “haters are my motivators”. That may be true BUT you need some people that are not “hating” on you.  Get someone that will tell you what’s right and wrong. I was always told nobody and I mean NOBODY likes a lazy man or woman. What that means is.. well I think it is self-explanatory. What motivates me is first my son, he motivates me to be better and always do better. Another motivation is my surroundings. Growing up on the west-side of Chicago it wasn’t all peaches and creme. A final motivation is all my aunts and female friends. These women work a 9-5 jobs then go to school or work on their God given talents. Seeing them do the damn things makes me want to “level up”

So what do you want to do to not make 2017 a 2016 2x? What is it that you don’t want to do in 2017. What new habits that YOU are willing to learn. I know my top priority is learning how to save. Lord knows that me and saving do not go hand and hand. But Jan.1st, I want saving to be my “BAE”.  Another thing that I want to be “Bae” is timing. I am NEVER on time for anything. All my friends know this as well as family. Hell I think my boss is even trying the grasp at the fact that I will be late sometimes. Just remember whatever you want to change or do new, make sure it’s for YOU.  On that note, I wish you a great new year 2017.

Comment below and tell me what are bringing to the new year. Also what do you want to do new.


  1. What a fabulous way to kick off your New year with such aspirations. You have always been a thinker it has pushed you to another level to explore your gits and talents. Keep it up I Love it


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