Is Chivalry Dead?

The other day I was talking to a friend, & I realized that I have never been on a “real” date. Now either I have wasted my time on some real losers or the men in my generation has forgotten about Chivalry. You know opening car doors, giving flowers, dropping your jacket so she can walk over a puddle. Now I know my ex- boyfriends that are reading this may be thinking ” I did take that broad out on a date”. So let me take you down memory lane on the “dates” that I remember.

This was like a year after I had Jamar, & I start working at Dollartree. This guy that was working next door had asked me out on a date. Me being the person that I am, I didn’t think it was a good idea but he was cute so I went for it. Now he didn’t have a car & we had to use public transportation. Thinking in my mind “Hey I wasn’t born in a car so I didn’t mind”. We get to Applebee’s, & we chilling & having a good time until the check comes. This negro didn’t even have enough to pay  for the meals. I was pissed it was the two for $20.  Why didn’t he just inform me that he didn’t have a lot of money? Let’s just say that guy didn’t get a call the next day.

The next one was when I was in a relationship with the guy. I guess he tried to planned the whole date out but he didn’t plan it correctly. Once again he didn’t have a car and I did, so it wasn’t a big deal. That day we argued over EVERYTHING. From what I was going to wear to me driving my own car. We went to Chili, and it was nice but us arguing earlier that day just messed with my mood. Plus our relationship was going down hill anyway. I think after a couple of months we broke up.

I know what your thinking “Jerricka you must be a gold digger” and the answer is NO. I am a very appreciative person for anyone who goes out of their way for me. I don’t ask for much when it comes to dating, but is that the problem? Am I too understanding to men situations that I just settle for a mediocre ass date? Am I a gold digger for wanting be so excited that I cant control myself. Is it bad that I want a man to get his fat ass out the car, and ring my bell. Instead of texting me telling me he is outside. Also I am not like one of those stuck up women. I like going to basketball games, football games, (and I actually know what is going on), that can be a date.

The question is why is chivalry dead? Is it because women in the 21st century are so independent, that some men are intimated. Are women just settling for the “netflix and chill”? Or does men feel like its no need to charm a woman when its a girl out here settles for whatever she can get?

I want to hear about what do you consider to be a nice date. Comment below and tell me one of date stories.


  1. First of all, your description of your dates was hilarious!😊 But you made a good point about men bei g intimidated by strong, independent women. That could very well be part of your situation. But dont give up looking. ALL men are not the same. Dont settle. Know your worth. Your time is coming 😊


  2. I love the blog. Some of us as women we are loving beans. We tend to think with our heart and not our head. Let me tell you baby girl why I was with the wrong guys. I was with the wrong guys because I first of all didn’t wait on God. Secondly I wasn’t really ready when I was young for a relationship see u have to be willing to give and be prepared for a relationship and like u said look at ourselves. Third thing was I saw the good in them that they didn’t see in themselves. Fourth thing is they were damage good before I mate them. And the Last one I just like the fact that I had someone that I was in a relationship with. But guess what was able to let go and let God, and on top of what they done to me I didn’t leave bitter, God fight my battles. I thank you for share this so I shared mines. So I say this we have to step back look at our inner self not out. Then we have to be ready for what we want or think we want. And I leave u with this put God in everything we do. He has not left our side we left ourselves. I am proud of you my child. Keep up the good work God is watching. Love you


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