The other day I was on the phone with one of my closest friends. We was talking about a lot of important issues but friendship came up. I have been really fighting with myself as well as my thoughts about writing about this subject. So I decided to say “hey let me just write about it in MY own words, as always.”

Sadly I don’t talk to my cousins as much. My sister & I relationship is just getting back on a great path. This is why I usually go to my friends for advice or help. Because of the fact the OLC (old lady crew) & I are not the same age. Its certain things, I just can’t talk to them about. But lately to got me thinking, what is my friendships really build on. Do I really know them, and do they know me?

Some I can say that yes they do know me & kinda of know my attitude.  Sadly some of my friends really don’t. I think friendship is build on levels. Certain levels in your life friends come in whether it is to help you or hate to say it harm you. I remember when I had just moved and started a new school in 7th grade. Obviously when you come to a new place you are kind of afraid not knowing what life will throw at you. This is when my friend “S” (cause I won’t say her name)came in the picture. From then to now she acts like somewhat bossy but she tells me the truth. Even when I most definitely don’t want to hear it. I know she means me well and vice versa. This is why we are cool still today. I also remember when a friend told me that the reasons one of her friendships didn’t last was because they met in a hard bump in their lives. When one was doing good, it was nothing really to talk about.

I can honesty say that I don’t think I have been the best friend I can be to my fellow friends. I was always thought that hey people are grown and they will do whatever they want to do. Being honest with myself I know that, I don’t tell my girlfriends what they NEED to hear. That’s not fair to them or to me. Not only am I not giving them a mirror to show them their mistakes but I sometimes barely listen to them. This year, I really want to build a foundation with my friends. Not only pray for them but with them to speak some things into existence.


Comment below and tell me how your friendships are…


  1. This it’s a really good read. It’s great to know what foundation your friendships are built on that way you know how to handle them.


  2. This was so profound I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Friendship is a two way street and at times you will come across several stop signs, in which they could be warnings just to remind us whats ahead. Its not bad at all it becomes a problem when we don’t stop at the stop sign. We will know when to proceed or to just walk away. Its okay its called ELEVATION…..Thanks for Sharing


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