Now that December is almost over, my friends and I have been speaking on what 2019 is going to bring. To be honest I am literally scared out of my mind. I know you’re thinking “ like why the hell are you scared?” I am afraid of the unknown, not knowing if this year is going to be great or go down the drain. Now I know I have the power to control my destiny & no one can change that. When you want so much for yourself you can’t help but be driven to become better and do better.

I must say 2018 has been really awesome for me & I am so thankful. Now if you are as nosey as I am you would want to know why was this year was/is decent. Well, I am going to spill the beans. One major thing is I started paying my car note on time. Being an adult, yes this is important. Now only did this teach me about responsibility, it helps me focus on that little thing called……CREDIT. Secondly but not second in my heart, was really trying to understand my son. I have done so much for my kid, & this year I stepped back a little to let him do things on his own. Also knowing when it is time to sit and talk to him & when its time for him to be disciplined. It’s more things that he has to learn & understand but us working together we can get through it. Another one is I finally let go a toxic situation. Not knowing that me wanting friendship & companionship, I was really hurting myself…… BADLY. Having a person who didn’t let me have a place in his life making me feel like I was lacking something was not cool. I have this year spoken louder on things that concern me. Whether it’s me dating someone, and their actions are not cool. Or even it’s my family making “jokes” about my recent weight gain. I know that if no one stands up for me I HAVE TO STAND UP FOR ME. I have taken my writing seriously. I love writing and many young women and men have told me that I have talent. If this is something that makes me happy, I have to take it seriously. Knowing that spending some money will make you more money.

Next year, I do want to continue this streak that I am doing. I want to speak more life unto my friends & family. My best friend Sheka and I were talking about even though we don’t live close by. We should push each other more. I mean we motivate each other but we need to do MORE. Just the other day, my close friend Kordny said something that really pushed me. She said, “if you only complain about your situations & don’t do anything about it, then your the problem”. 2018 believe me or not there were a lot of situations I saw but didn’t do anything about. 2019, it is time to shut up and do what I need to do for me. Another thing is we all have our down days, But if you’re always negative I am staying away from that. Lord knows I love my gossip, but if that’s all the conversation consist of, stay away from me. I do also want to spend more time with my family. Start hanging out with everyone, especially my grandmother.  BUT I do know if my family is going to mess with my mental health its best that I leave the situation. Start making great traditions with my son. He is getting older & I want him to remember the fun he had as a child. Continue to gain knowledge about his condition, what can we do to keep it under control. Keep pushing him more to be great despite his learning disability. Continue to write!!!! Even when I don’t have anything to write about, I still will… WRITE. I am also so excited to announce that starting January, I will be going back to school. I am so excited about it. I also want to continue to start organizing my work life as well as my personal.

Whatever your goals are, let them reflect what YOU want to do. Plus train your brain for you to succeed whatever you want to do.

Comment below to tell me what other goals you want to do in 2019.