When I first started this post, I felt that it was going to be all negative. I knew for a while that I was going to write about my siblings but didn’t know when I was going to write about it. Due to some major things happening, really made me want to bring this subject up. 

As some of you may know, I have 2 older siblings & 3 younger bonus siblings. To be honest, I don’t connect with either one of them. Now I can’t point the finger to anyone, it’s no one’s fault or is it. Listening to others about their relationships with their siblings, I really do want that for myself. I do think that it is kind of too late for it. You may be thinking “No it is never too late” but you don’t know my siblings.

My older sister and I have a love/hate relationship. Some days or weeks we are good but *snaps*  we get into a bad argument & we stop talking for weeks at a time. Once upon a time, I use to feel that my sister hated me because our lives were so different. My sister is a people’s person and she likes company, me not so much. I think for me I have to get a feel of people, now that I am older I am okay with not having too many people of knowing where I stay or even being around me. I see my life this way and she sees her life this way then we always bump heads. I had to realize that I and she are different and that’s okay.

My older brother we don’t have a relationship because he focuses on chicks then his sisters. My brother is an womanizer, I realize that. We barely hang out because, at 11 pm, he is trying to get laid. Just recently my brother is finally giving me credit for my accomplishments. Understanding that he is him and I am me, nothing more nothing less. 

Now, my 3 bonus siblings, I have just never hung out with them & maybe that’s my fault. When I do come around them, I don’t know what to say. I try to make a little bit of conversation but me being an awkward mess, it never works out that way. Before this year is up, I do want to have a decent conversation with my bonus siblings. At least get to know things that I haven’t known before. 

I also have a sister that I don’t know at all. My mother gave her up when she was a baby. My grandmother always bought it up and I thought she was telling a joke. I have been on the verge to look and really find her. I pray that she is open to get to us like we want to know her. 

No matter what relationship I have with my siblings, at least I have one hell. You see so many people that never want to be around their brothers and sisters. Or you hear that some people haven’t spoken to their siblings in years. I know that things are rocky between us but when things happen, I try to be there for each of them as soon as I can. I think that sibling bonds shouldn’t matter, longs you’re there for them & love them different.

Comment below & tell me how is your sibling bond.